Prid- Ez Morning Rice Combo


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Ez Morning Combo (Your Breakfast Essentials)

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1 Bag of 100 Pounds

Ez Morning Combo
● Corn flakes375g
● Ovaltine 400g
● Milk 400g
● White oats 500g
● Mayonnaise 8oz
● luncheon meat 98g
● cream of wheat 1000g
● grand butter 450g
● kidney beans 454g
● Fish cup mackerel 426g
● Sugar St.louis cube 1000g
● Salt 907g
● Tomato paste 400g
● Gold label tea 25 bags
● spaghetti 500g
● sardines 125g
● cube 1000g
● Alcohol 250m1
● Toothpaste 150g


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